It’s time to start thinking about publishing the next book.

I’ve been editing and rewriting Dragon Writer for two years now as I send it through the agent search process with barely a nibble. In order to ensure I’ve covered all my bases in creating a good story, I’ve decided to send the first newly refreshed 20 pages out for another round of paid editing. Once that’s returned and any needed changes are made, I will send it out one more time to a group of 15-30 agents. That will bring my total to more than 100 queries. That seems like a decent try.

I’ve rewritten my query letter, including comparable titles and I am being careful to study and include my specific reason(s) for pitching to a particular agent. I do believe in my story, so win or lose, it will become a book.

It’s hard to type with fingers crossed, so I’ll just put good energy out into the void and see what happens.